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—  Blue Island Oysters  —

Blue Island Oyster Co. was founded in 1995 with the aim of providing Manhattan restaurants with the highest quality shellfish available. It all started when Chris Quartuccio began scuba diving for natural oysters in the Long Island Sound and delivering them fresh daily to chefs in New York City. This business has grown substantially in 22 years and is now recognized as the number one oyster and clam distributor in the New York area. Blue Island has recently expanded its marketplace and is now shipping shellfish all over the United States. Their oysters and clams can be found on restaurant menus in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston & Miami.



—  Wild, sustainable, diver harvested —
Deep water diver harvested from 550 million year old oyster beds and delivered fresh the next day. Strong minerality, beautifully briny, with sinfully rich firm meat that tantalizes the tongue. A refreshingly salty and lively mouthful with a sweet and savory finish.

—  Handsome, rugged, refreshing —
3 - 4 years to reach market size

* Available June 2017 *



—  Naturally occurring, sustainable—
This beach oyster is very mature and delicious with firm meat, a gentle melon-y sweetness and a lingering creamy twang on the finish. She's simply gorgeous in a single large slurp and easily one of the best oysters you'll ever have the pleasure of tasting.

—  Plump, meaty, delightful  —
Harvested from the Hood Canal in Washington state.

Available now


Our Naked Cowboy wines have been handcrafted by our winemakers to enhance the flavor of these oysters. Drink up and savor this perfect pairing!